Three Best Roles of Cole Sprouse Besides “Riverdale”

Worldwide fame came to Cole Sprouse after the premiere of serial “Riverdale” in year 2016, where he played a handsome guy Jughead Jones. But there are much more serious roles in filmography of a young actor.

“Friends”, Ben Geller

Thunder for the role of little Ben, son of Ross from serial “Friends”, can’t be given to Cole only. His twin brother Dylan Sprouse also worked at this role. That was so because of the American laws which stated that a child can’t work on the set for several hours without breaks. That’s why twin actors are an excellent gift for filmmakers. But most often fans could see Coul on the screen.

“The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”, Jeremiah

At the age of 12 Cole Sprouse played in the debut of screenwriter Asia Argento, the drama “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”. His hero, baby Jeremiah, is brought up by a prostitute and junkie Sarah. And nothing good comes out of it: the boy is raped by the next one mother’s client, he goes wandering round the streets, eats waste food and almost dies being poisoned by his own mother. The filmmaker made the actor’s work easier a bit by making animated moments with the most cruel scenes.

“Five Feet Apart”, Will

This heartbreaking youth melodrama shows the story of two teenagers in love, Will and Stella (Haley Lu Richardson played this role). Because of the cystic fibrosis disease they can’t contact with each other. Every touch can lead to serious consequences. Their communication ends on words, sights, gestures, mimics… It’s amazing, how Cole managed to show all the strong emotions of teenager in love just with his eyes!