Hollywood Stars Who Criticize Trump

Many stars don’t accept the policy of American President Donald Trump. They are angry with his racial and offensive statements and also suspect him for collusion with Vladimir Putin. Which famous stars can’t bear the 45th President?

Jim Carrey

The actor and comedian hates Trump so much that he constantly paints his caricatures and posts them in Twitter. Jim also called Donald just like that – “cancer of the country” and “the threat of national safety”.

Almost All Major Actors of “Avengers”

More than half of actors who played leading roles in bunch of Marvel films about the team of Avengers are critical about Trump. They are Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, young Robert Downey and others. They even recorded a video in which agitated to vote against Donald.

Meryl Streep

The actress-veteran didn’t like it when Trump was teasing the journalist with disabilities on one of public meetings.

Whoopi Goldberg

The actress decided not to use any hints and stated boldly that people like Trump are taking the country back to the dark times of obscurantism and medieval times.


Everyone thought that Eminem became toothless for the last years. But none of that! On the ceremony of awarding he gave out the rhyme which was showing Trump’s weak sides. The rapper named his project as “rassist grandpa in the age of 94”.

Ron Perelman

The actor who is famous for the role of Hellboy considers that Trump will definitely leave his post and, that is more possible, with the reason of treason.

John Cusack

The man named the presidential time of Donald Trump “the treason which was obvious since the first day”.