Film Stars Who Never Learnt to Walk on Heels

Etiquette obliges Hollywood belles to keep certain style. Many actresses don’t follow the established rules and even while walking on the red carpet wear shoes without heels. Disability to walk on the high heels doesn’t make achievements of these famous actresses less impressing.

Kristen Stewart

The male style with jeans and trainers definitely fits Kristen Stewart who even on celebrity meetings prefers to wear flat shoes. On the red carpet the actress felt tired because of the high heels, put off her shoes right before the crowd and went on walking bare footed.

Jennifer Lawrence

Like her colleague, Jennifer Lawrence abandoned high heeled shoes in daily life. Unconfident walk, which the actress demonstrates during parties with other celebrities and film festivals, doesn’t tell about Jennifer’s worries. It just proves that she can’t walk on high heels.

Lina Danem

Famous funny actress and writer claims honestly that she never learnt to walk on high heels. During the ceremony of awarding the most glamorous woman Lina put off her shoes and said with smile that she considers wearing such shoes a torture.

Cara Delevingne

Convenience is besides everything! The walk of a model and actress Cara Delevingne was always a bit tight. And during the last time Cara stopped wearing high heeled shoes.