Did You Know That These Stars Are Relatives?

Everyone, perhaps, knows that Nicolas Cage is a nephew of screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola, but you will discover lots of other tricky facts about stars’ relations.

Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling

We don’t know how pleasant it is for Ryan Gosling to accept the fact of being related with Justin Bieber, but still it is so: they are cousins in the 11th knee.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

It’s not a secret that these two are best friends since early childhood and share happy moments and worries with each other. How surprised they were when found out that they are also far relatives.

Steven Spielberg and Amazing Drew Barrymore

If you didn’t know, Steven Spielberg is a Godfather of Drew Barrymore. Though it will not be so surprising if to remember that role in “Alien” made baby Drew so famous.

Jonah Hill and Benny Feldstein

Though surnames of these actors are different, you won’t doubt whether they are relatives even from the first glance. And very close ones, by the way, they are brother and sister.

Hugh Grant and Thomas Brodie Sangster

The breaker of women’s hearts from the 90s and the talented actor, who is well-known and adored by female audience due to “The Maze Runner” film are relatives. Thomas is the second cousin of Grant twice removed.

Jason Momoa and Zoe Kravitz

A daughter of a musician Lenny Kravitz and a star of the 80s Lisa Bone is Zoe Kravitz. Eventually Lisa divorced with her husband and got married again with the actor Jason Momoa, famous khal Drogo from “Games of Thrones”. So he is Zoe’s stepfather now.

Lily Allen and Alfie Allen

It is obvious even from the surname that these two people are connected somehow. Yes, they are brother and sister. By the way, producers offered Lily to play the role of Theon Greyjoy’s sister in “Game of Thrones”, but she refused because didn’t want to take part in bedroom scene with her real brother.