Bet You Didn’t Know That These Films Were Remakes?

For the last time people are rather sceptical about remakes. And more often such attitude is reasonable. Some screenwriters think only about profit and because of crisis and lack of ideas they change old stories without adding anything really interesting to the project. And sometimes it’s just on the contrary. Remake is better than the original film and after some years passed by people can’t even think that the masterpiece of world cinematography was a remake.


Can you imagine anyone else if not Al Pacino playing for a role of impressive Cuban gangster and also drug lord Tony Montana? However, the film by Brian De Palma of year 1983 is a remake of black and white movie of year 1932 with Paul Mooney on a leading role. 

The Departed

Martin Scorsese always makes fans happy with dashing turns of the plot. “The Departed” with Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t the exception. But the only thing to mention is that this film is a remake of Chinese movie that came out before – “Infernal Affairs”. And this project, by the way, brought Scorsese Oscar reward.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

This film is the outlet for those who is tired of similar Nicolas Cage’s roles. This story is about the car thief in the past. He was forced to do the last order because his brother got in trouble. And the project which was released in 2000 is a remake of an old film of year 1974. And, by the way, even now the original movie looks rather good, only the soundtrack is old enough – «Flowers» by Mobi.

Ocean’s Eleven

The original film of “Ocean’s Eleven” was released long time ago – in 1960. It gained the brilliant group of actors: talented Frank Sinatra, handsome Dean Martin, exciting Peter Lawford… Of course Steven Spielberg’s project looks more modern, but it was exactly the original film which became the founder of comedy genre with thefts.