5 Celebs Who Had Converted to Islam

It’s good that people are not destined to follow the only one faith during all life. Time passes and worldview can change, after what also change the religion preferences. The heroes of this review, for example, found themselves in Islam.

Lindsay Lohan

Not everyone can believe that Lindsay Lohan, one of the most scandalous and loose stars of Hollywood had converted to Islam. But that’s really so: soon after breaking up with Egor Tarabasov she cleaned her Instagram and started to share photos in hijab only. Though even in 2015 paparazzi took photos of Lindsay holding Koran.

Mike Tyson

In the beginning of the 90s Tyson appeared in jail on the charge of raping the 18 years old model. During the term there he thought about the situation a lot and converted to Islam. The Muslim name of the boxer now is Malik Abdul Aziz. In 2010 he took a journey which is sacral for any Muslim – visited Mecca.

Ellen Burstyn

Now fans mostly know Ellen Bernstein as a mad grandma from drama “Requiem for a Dream”, but in 70s she was a superstar and the whole six times was awarded for Oscar. At the age of about 30 years she realized that accepts the Muslim ideology and later started to study Sufism – ultraconservative part of this religion.


The rapper has converted to Islam and now strictly follows all its rules and limitations. He never drinks alcohol or smokes, so he is also very proud of this fact. And to his religion preferences he devoted a song “Senegal”.

Shaquille O’Neal

A famous basketball player became a Muslim in the beginning of 2000-s, and in 2010 he made the movement to Mecca. Perhaps, together with Mike Tyson.