5 Stars Who Were Caught on Lying

All hidden things sooner or later become clear. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that. And even among star world citizens there are those who by different reasons hide the truth from their fans.

Nicki Minaj

When the career of Nicki Minaj was rapidly developing, she often stated that liked both men and women for relationships. But after a long time she, being a popular celebrity, admitted that said so only for PR.

Rebel Wilson

Actress with plump curves was caught on lying many times. This way she “cut” 6 years of her age and told that she was 29 instead of 35. Besides that in one of her interviews she said that was growing up in a very poor district, almost ghetto, while it’s a well-known fact that she grown up in a calm and decent neighbourhood.

Kylie Jenner

The woman stated for a long time that there was no surgical treatment into her appearance, claiming that only cosmetics helped her to make lips full, get high cheekbones and get rid of double chin. That’s not surprising, so she has her own cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetic! But once it became impossible to hide the truth and Kylie admitted that she really had operations. But the result was so worthy.

Lindsay Lohan

In 2012 Lindsay Lohan had a car crash because of being drunk while driving. And she wanted to put the fault on her assistant. Of course she didn’t manage to hide the truth long. The police found out the truth and Lindsey had to take responsibility of perjury.

Jack and Mag White

Leaders of the band White Stripes for a long time stated that they are brother and sister to each other. How surprised the fans were when in 2001 the musical magazine Rolling Stone found out that for 5 years already they were already… married.