5 Actors Who Spent Their Childhood in Boarding Schools

Unfortunately, because of different reasons not any parents can give their children the most essential things: roof over head, nourishing food and parental love with care. It doesn’t mean that all the heroes of this review had problems with parents, just… the circumstances were like that.

Owen Wilson

The star of Wes Anderson’s films, actor Owen Wilson wasn’t an example of good behavior in childhood. He was kicked out of the boarding school which he visited with his two brothers. After that he was transferred to the military academy.

Glenn Close

The first 15 years of Glenn Close’s life were spent in the Moral Re-Armament Sect (MRA). Then her parents took her to the boarding school in Switzerland. “It was an awful place, the sanitation was closed with metal bars for we couldn’t run away”, remembers the actress. There she started to get acting skills and you can check out yourself into what it has overcome in films “Dangerous Liaisons” of 1988 and “Fatal Attraction” of 1987.

Jane Fonda

The daughter of Henry Fonda, the star of golden Hollywood epoche, wasn’t in need of anything during childhood. In spite of this fact her childhood was spent in a closed school Emma Willard it Troya, New York state. There she was managing model and choreography skills.

Matthew Perry

The star of “Friends” is American, but he spent his childhood in Canada. If more exactly – in Ottawa, where he visited Ashbury College of closed type. In the seventh form of boarding school his interest for acting started growing a lot.

Sienna Miller

Sienna always was an unusual girl. At the age of 8 she was begging her parents to take her to the HeathfieldSt. Mary’s School in Berkshire. So they couldn’t do anything else and agreed.