3 Young Actors Everyone Will Talk About Soon 

Fame is a pretty spontaneous thing. You never know who and why will be popular the next year or even month. But we don’t have any doubts that the fame is waiting for the heroes of this review.

Florence Pugh

The breakthrough in career of Florence Pugh, the British actress, happened due to the film «The Little Drummer Girl», which, by the way, was produced by the filmmaker of “Oldboy”. And we can’t miss “Lady Macbeth”, for which Florence the award of European Sitcom. The year after that the British Sitcom League claimed her the leading raising star of the year. And The Cannes Festival of 2019 brought her a new reward to the piggy bank – The Trophee Chopard.

Also in year 2019 Florence played the leading role in horror film “Midsommar”, which became the real event for the genre fans. She also got the role in a popular film about Black Widow, and appearing in Marvel films is now a serious tramplin for any actor.

Ferdie Show

At the moment there are no released films in Ferdie Show’s filmography. But the young fellow played the leading role in the film “Artemis Fauls”, which is a promising project that can become competitive even with “Harry Potter”. Unfortunately, the date of premiere was delayed for several times because of different circumstances. So audience will see the film only by year 2020 instead of 2019


Katrin Langford

The elder of Langford sisters (Katrin has one year younger sister Josephine) reached fame due to the tragic serial “13 Reasons Why” where her heroine ends up her life with suicide. She was also seen in the serial “Love, Simon”, in the center of which is the life of an out of the closet teenager. In the actress’s plans there are also other projects – stunning thriller «Knives Out», fantasy serial «Cursed» and the fantastic movie «Spontaneous».